Improvement Hell: Day 7

7. Pick the weirdest object in your room. Draw it. Shadows and highlights.

I was legitimately surprised at how hard it was to find something weird in my room. But my little wooden dude here thinks he’s in Daft Punk, that’s pretty weird.

Bonus, shadows and highlights in color:

I think he needs a name. I’ll take that under consideration.

Improvement Hell: 30 Day Art Challenge

There is no better time than when you are grieving and feel useless and void to throw yourself into art, so I’m kicking off my blog with the Improvement Hell 30 Day Art Challenge, which I’ve had bookmarked for like a year.

I am rather busy so I might post a couple  time rather than Every Day (and I’m already behind so imma soak in the art pain and spam it as I finish it to catch up), and will be likely using a mixture of digital and traditional media depending on how my RSI is on a day to day basis. For the last couple months I’ve had diminished function and occasional very bad pain in my dominant arm caused by both cubital and carpal tunnel problems and I find that traditional media is much less stressful on it – probably because I am more careful.

It’s pretty bad right now, but I’ll be careful.

Prepare for some good art and also some bad art and probably some thoughtful posts about this project. I’ve wanted to do one of ther for a while!